Solusi Damai di Tanah Papua (Mengubur Tragedi HAM dan Mencari Jalan Kedamaian)

Natalius Pigai


Papua will always be associated with violence, ignorance, nudity, poverty, backwardness and isolation. This paper would like to expose a viewpoint of Papua’s issue comprehensively. The special autonomy policy given to the people of Papua at least raises new hope and amid political liability of integration in Papua. Specially It was granted to coincide with the special autnomy granted coincidentally an Christmas day only become a Christmas gift for the Christian community in Papua but it was also substantially realized. However, tragedies that were experienced by the people of Papua emphasized their suffering. Papua is a wounded territorry in agony due to the penetration of capitalism which was followed by civil penetration and state hegemony. The disharmony between Jakarta-Papua for over 50 years has not ended yet. It is claimed that the government has not been able to implement in earnest the four basic intention formulated by the Indonesian Institute of Sciences(LIPI) as Papua Road Map. Although LIPI has formulated four root problems in Papua, only two main issues really triggered the conflict in Papua; namely the traumatic history of human tragedy and the completion of economics as well as overcoming social disparities and culture.


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