Penggunaan Game Theory dalam Ilmu Sosial

James R. Situmorang


Game theory has actually been initiated by several mathematicians but game theory
began to receive widespread attention since the publication of a book entitled Theory
of Games and Economic Behavior, in 1944, which was written by a mathematician
John von Neumann and economists Oskar Morgenstern. Game theory continues
to evolve to this day and although it is still considered as part of economics but
game theory had been applied in various disciplines such as psychology, politics,
management, social sciences. So that people can understand it more easily, can be
used examples of simple games, among others, two-person zero-sum game, maximin
and minimax, ultimate game, linear programming. The game is simple to be useful
because most of the game invites players to use logic to achieve profits for himself.
Keywords: game theory, mathematics, payoff, matrix, saddle point

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