Sapientia Humana: Jurnal Sosial Humaniora

Sapientia Humana Journal (JSH) is a social humanities journal published twice a year (March-May and September-November). Sapientia Humana journal is managed and published by the Humanities Value Study Group.

JSH intends to be a reference and source of literature for academicians in the field of Humanities Value Studies in cross-disciplines because it consists of articles and research reports on the development of humanities values education. Research articles and reports are written by academics who are experts in fields such as Education, Anthropology, Sociology, Arts and Humanities, Environment, Philosophy, Theology, and so on.

Articles received by the editor will go through a blind review process by the reviewers. Articles deemed fit for publication will be continued in the review process. Articles that pass the review process will be published online with the OJS system which can be accessed on our website and will be published in hardcopy as well.