Penentuan Prioritas Perbaikan Kualitas Layanan TransJakarta dengan Menggunakan Metode IPA-PGCV

Ronald Sukwadi, ~ Jufina


TransJakarta was a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system in Jakarta. It was designed to provide Jakarta
citizens with a fast public transportation system to help reduce rush hour traffic. After operating more than
one decade, many suggestions and critics were given related to service quality. IPA and PGCV methods were
applied to determine which service attributes should be improved and their priorities. In this research, eight
service attributes were identified as critical attributes (on first quadrant of IPA diagram). The higher value of
PGCV index indicated the priority level of attributes. Based on its priority level, the order were 1) easiness
of giving suggestions, 2) ticket queue, 3) easiness of complaints, 4) the facilities for passengers with special
needs, 5) employees appearance, 6) transportation cost, 7) accessibility, and 8) the number of bus.

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