Author Guidelines

Author or writer’s guidelines and procedure for submitting draft articles are, as follows:

Draft articles submitted should be scientific articles never been published before in any form of media and should not be the result of plagiarism (see Publication Ethics and Plagiarism & Retraction Policy).

Draft articles should be written in Microsoftw Word using the Indonesian or English language, comprising of 5-15 pages (3000 - 5000 words, including bibliography), written on A4 standard paper size (width: 210 mm and height: 297 mm), using font Arial (10 pt), 1.15 spacing and 35 mm for left, 20mm for right, bottom, and top margin. The draft article written in two (width: 73.7 mm and spacing: 7.5 mm).

Draft articles should be written in journal format, comprising of (template):

  • Title of article
  • Institution/affiliation
  • Author’s name and e-mail address
  • Abstract in English
  • Keywords in English
  • Abstract in Bahasa Indonesia
  • Keywords in Bahasa Indonesia
  • Introduction
  • Methodology
  • Analysis
  • Conclusion or concluding remarks, and
  • list of references or bibliography

Title’s articles should be written in the Indonesian and English language. Title should be specific and direct and comprehensively describing the article’s content. Title should not exceed 12 words (if using the Indonesian language) or 10 words (in case of written in English).

Abstract should be an excerpt of the articles’ content, specifically delineating purpose, research method and result of analysis (research). It should be written in English as well as Indonesian and comprehensively representing the essence of the article. Abstract should be written using Arial 9pt and 7.5mm spacing.  The number of words for abstract is 150-250 each for English and Indonesia language.

Keywords chosen should be written in Indonesian and English, compiled in order of its importance and amounting to 5 words/frases.

Referencing and quoting should be listed alphabetically from the last (family) name of the writers. Jurnal Rekayasa Sistem Industri using Harvard (APA) reference system.

  • Example of References list

Aritonang, Y. K., Wibisono, Y. Y., & Wibisono, E. Y. (2007). Usaha Penurunan Persentase Cacat Ring Piston Tipe 4JA1 pada Proses Habanakashi Mesin Besly. Jurnal Teknik Industri , Vol. 9 (1), 48-55.

Garret, R., Design for Assembly, [Online], Diakses dari: [2001, 5 Mei].

Sekaran, U. (2010). Research Methods for Business (5th ed.). Chichester: John Wiley & Sons.

Suryadi, D., & Fransiscus, H. (2011). Viral Systems for the Quadratic Assignment Problem. International Journal of Information Systems for Logistics and Management , Vol. 7, 31-37.

Drafts should submitted to Jurnal Rekayasa Sistem Industri OJS system at .

Authors shall be informed about the Editorial Boards decision either to accept or rejects draft articles submitted.

Publication of articles shall be based on substance evaluation and time order articles has been submitted to the Editorial Board.  The author(s) shall be fully responsible for the article’s content and opinions expressed thereof.

Please download JRSI's template here