Peer Review Process

Manuscripts submitted to JSH will go through several processes to ensure that every manuscript has a good quality and can contribute to knowledge development. The review process of JSH will be reviewed using the double blind review process to make sure that objectivity is maintained in JSH .

  1. Author will submit a manuscript, including all the information that is needed.
  2. The Editor in Chief will conduct initial review and examination regarding several points such as, (1) Contents of the manuscript; (2) Conformity with focus and scope; (3) Conformity with author guidelines.
  3. After a decision is made by the Editor in Chief, the Editorial Team will undergo plagiarism checks regarding similarity of the content of the manuscript through Turnitin.
  4. Review process : if the manuscript has passed the plagiarism check, the Editorial Team will assign each manuscript with 2 reviewers based on expertise and specialty. The review process will be done through double-blind review process. There are several decisions that reviewer can give after the review process :
    1. 20-25 without point < 3 : can be published without revision (accept submission)
    2. 20-25 with point < 3 : can be published with minor revision (revisions required)
    3. 11-19 : can be published with major revision (resubmit for review)
    4. 0-10 : can’t be published (resubmit elsewhere or decline submission)
  5. After undergoing the review process, the author will have a 2 weeks chance to do some revision in regards to the review result from reviewers.
  6. Copyedit manuscript : manuscript that has been revised by the author will undergo copyedit manuscript by the Editorial Team in 1 week.
  7. Layout edit manuscript : manuscript that has been copyedited by the Editorial Team will undergo layout edit manuscript process in 1 week by layouter.
  8. After the layout edit is done, the author will get a chance to check the final manuscript in 3 days.
  9. The final manuscript that has been undergo all the process, the Editorial Team will proceed the manuscript for online publication in Open Journal System and printed.