• Skolastika Prisca Anindya Universitas Katolik Parahyangan
  • Arthur Purboyo
  • Monica Paramita Ratna Putri Dewanti


Business competition in Indonesia is currently getting tougher due to the covid-19 pandemic since 2020. MSMEs are one type of business that is struggling and competing with each other to maintain the viability of the business in the middle of pandemic. MSMEs are engaged in different industries, one of the industries is the doll industry. Lenny Best Collection is one of the MSMEs that engaged in this doll industry. A large number of MSMEs make business competition even tighter, so that every organization will compete with each other to provide the best product to customers. The implementation of internal control is needed by the company to create a competitive advantage. Adequate internal control in the revenue cycle can help the company achieves revenue cycle goals so that the revenue cycle can be said to be effective.

The revenue cycle requires adequate internal control. To know whether the revenue cycle is effective, it is necessary to evaluate the internal control. An evaluation of internal control at the revenue cycle in this research uses the COSO's ERM Framework. The components of COSO's ERM can be used to assess whether the implementation of internal control in the company's revenue cycle is going well. Based on the research results, the internal control of Lenny Best Collection is sufficiently adequate, but there are weaknesses in several components of internal control. The recommendations given to the company can overcome the weaknesses of internal control, so that the company's revenue cycle goals are achieved (the effectiveness of the revenue cycle increases), namely providing the right product according to customer order, sending products that ordered by customers to the right location and delivered on time, the amount of sales invoice is accurate according to the goods ordered, and account receivable is collected on time. The recommendations given to Lenny Best Collection are to separate the authorization and recording functions in shipping activities, make credit limit and aging schedule, etc. The next research is expected to examine the role of other frameworks besides that affect the effectiveness of the revenue cycle such as ISO 31000, IRM/AIRMIC/ALARM 2002, and COSO's IC. Future research can also examine this topic in other manufacturing industries besides the doll industry.