Publication Ethics

For Author

1.  Author is expected to adhere to common ethical policy in academic publication.

2.  Author has to ensure and make a statement that his/her manuscript has not been published and/or submitted to their journals for publication.

3.  Author is expected to utilize proper citation (Chicago style through Mendeley application) and acknowledgement.

4.  Author is expected to ensure that the manuscript is original works and not be involved in various acts of plagiarism and research frauds (data fabrication and falsification).

5.  Author who would like to withdraw an article submission has to inform Sentris and an agreement should be reached between two parties.

6.  When the manuscript is published, authors may use their published article under Sentris copyrights.


For Editorial Board

1.  Editorial board is fully responsible for all of the manuscripts that are already published and will be published in every edition.

2.  Editorial board has to ensure equal opportunities for submission, not making decisions based on aspects such as gender, nationality, religion, ethnic and political principle.

3.  Editorial board is responsible to decide which manuscript will be published in every edition, based on the reviews from reviewers.

4.  Editorial board has to ensure that articles published have gone through blind review process with peer-reviewers which specialize in the related fields or issue.

5.  Editorial board has to respect confidentiality as a principle and not to disclose or discuss with any external parties related to submitted manuscript for personal benefit.


For Reviewer

1.  Reviewer will receive a manuscript without the author’s identity to make sure that the review process is fair through double-blind review.

2.  Reviewer has to make sure that the review process is fair and objective based on the content of the manuscript with clear arguments and explanations.

3.  Reviewer has to treat every manuscript as a confidential document that should not be shown or discussed with anyone.

4.  Any information or ideas obtained through peer review process from the manuscript should be kept confidential and not used for any personal advantage by reviewers.