Aplikasi Analisis Pareto Dalam Pengendalian Inventori Bahan Baku Pada Bisnis Restoran

Gandhi Pawitan, Amithya Paramasatya


Quality of the raw materials are an important factor to keep business life of the restaurant.
The freshness and originality of the material should be concerned all the time.
The raw materials are ordered without any planning or scheduled. There are many
kind of raw materials to cook all the menu. Hence we consider only the top 10 selling
menu during January 2006 until December 2006. These raw materials are then classified
to group A, B, and C according to ABC analysis along with usage and investment.
ABC Critical Index Analysis are then conducted to find out whether the raw materials
is critical or not toward the service to consumer. This analysis combined investment
value, usage value, and critical value. Raw materials that classifies for group A in
ABC Critical Index Analysis are considered as important raw materials, which must
always be available. By using ABC critical index analysis group A consists of sixteen
type of raw materials with usage value 83,08%, group B consists of nine type of raw
materials with usage value 10,74%, group C consists of 9 type raw materials with
usage value 6,18%.
Keywords: Pareto analysis, inventory control

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