Pengaruh Ekuitas Merek Terhadap Proses Keputusan Pembelian Konsumen : Studi Kasus Bank Muamalat Indonesia Cabang Bandung

Arianis Chan


Being a pioneer for the sharia bank in Indonesia, Bank Muamalat Indonesia should
provide service excellence with increasing brand equity to gain more consumer and
to make consumer choosing Bank Muamalat Indonesia.
The objectives of this research are to know respondent assessment on brand eq-
uity and customer purchase decision process at Bank Muamalat Indonesia Bandung
Branch and to know the influence of brand equity towards the customer’s decision
making process.
This research used descriptive survey and explanatory survey method. The re-
search population were customer Bank Muamalat Indonesia - Bandung Branch . The
data were collected by observation technique, interview and questionnaire which un-
derwent validity and reliability test. The data analyzed by qualitative analysis uses the
category determination in the term percentage for each sub variable and for statistical
analysis uses the Structural Equation Modeling.
The results of this research indicate that brand equity of Bank Muamalat In-
donesia was high category and also for the customer’s purchase decision making
process at Bank Muamalat Indonesia- Bandung Branch was high category too. Brand
equity have highest effect on decision making process of customer to purchase, that
means the brand equity have better condition can make higher in customer’s purchase
decision making process.
Keywords: : brand equity, customer purchase decision making process

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