Kritik Metafisik Terhadap Kesemertaan Pemahaman atas yang Fisik


  • Simson Ericson Simanjuntak Fakultas Filsafat Universitas Katolik Parahyangan
  • Norbertus Rio Chandra Fakultas Filsafat Universitas Parahyangan



Heidegger, sains, material, metafisika, kering


Science, technology, that now tends to be materialistic, offers humans how to get a truth. It is ironic that such science, tends to reduce other factors that already exist in the world of human understanding. As a result, with all its ambitions, science tries to con- vince humans that some of its fundamental beliefs are a deception. But in fact science, technology has limitations in explaining the truth. This limitation is often closed tightly with opinions so that humans lead to dryness of understanding. There is an effort, more useful to view life or other basic understanding is more lively.


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