Bernard Lonergan and Avery Dulles on the Development of Doctrine


  • Mateusz Garstecki Faculty of Theology, Gregorian Pontifical University, Rome



Christian doctrines, Understanding of Jesus, Preservation of teaching, Expressions of beliefs


The purpose of this paper will be to compare the sense of development of doctrine based in Bernard Lonergan and Avery Dulles. An explanation of the thought of Frederick Crowe, SJ, and William Loewe will represent an application of the Lonergan position. Particularly, the thought of Crowe will be explored from his Theology of the Christian Word and the thought of Loewe will be explained from his essay, “Jesus the Savior: Soteriology and the Stages of Meaning.” The thought of Avery Dulles will be analyzed based on his work, Craft of Theology: From Symbol to System.


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