The State of The Knowledge of Cloud Computing Technology for Manufacturing Automation Systems




cloud computing, manufacturing automation, top-down approach, IoT Sensors, data exchange, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)


The manufacturing sector is grappling with the need to adapt to rapid technological changes, and leveraging cloud computing is becoming crucial for staying competitive and resilient. The presentation of knowledge in this work focuses on highlighting the specific challenges and opportunities in integrating cloud technologies into manufacturing systems. It aims to answer critical questions such as how cloud computing can enhance manufacturing automation, solve problems, and benefit to the industry. The methodology employed in this research takes a comprehensive and top-down approach, aligning and exploring the practical aspects of implementing these X-as-a-Service (XaaS) model in manufacturing setups. The research also acknowledges the shift from legacy Distributed Numerical Control (DNC) systems to modern solutions like MTConnect and Open Platform Communication (OPC) for data exchange in automated manufacturing systems. Emphasizing the important of data collection and real-time monitoring, the study highlights the role of Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) sensors deployed at various points of manufacturing system components (machine tools, spindles, cutting tools, production units, etc.). These sensors capture real-time production and condition data, enabling informed decision-making in manufacturing systems. This research not only presents the latest knowledge but also offers insights into the challenges, strategies, and methodologies involved in the successful integration of cloud-based technology into manufacturing automation systems. It also aims to serve as a valuable resource for manufacturers, researchers, and industry professionals navigating the transformative journey toward cloud-powered manufacturing.

Author Biography

Prianggada Indra Tanaya, Universitas Multimedia Nusantara

Electrical Engineering (Mechatronics)


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