GIS-Based Optimization for Gas Distribution Route Design: A Case Study of PT Gagas Energi Indonesia


  • Nur Layli Rachmawati Universitas Pertamina



Distribution Cost, Gas Distribution, GIS-Based Optimization, MTVRPTW-SPD, Route Design


PT Gagas Energi Indonesia is a company engaged in the trading and natural gas business, one of which is Gaslink C-Cyl. Route determination for Gaslink C-Cyl distribution is carried out subjectively based on the proximity of locations between customers, thus creating inefficient routes, affecting the number of vehicles needed, and causing high transportation costs. Based on this problem, this study aims to minimize transportation costs by determining the optimal route and number of vehicles needed using the Multi-Trip Vehicle Routing Problem Time Windows Simultaneous Pickup and Delivery (MTVRPTW-SPD). This problem is solved using Geographic Information System (GIS) based optimization. To evaluate GIS-based optimization performance, comparison between existing condition and optimization are done for 50 demand points. Then, two scenario was developed, 100 and 200 demand points to explain the decision implication related to demand uncertainty. Based on the optimization process for 50 demand points gives better solution than existing condition in term of number of fleets needed, total distance travelled, and total transportation cost which result 3 units, 46,5%, and 43,5% respectively.

Author Biography

Nur Layli Rachmawati, Universitas Pertamina

Industrial Engineering


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