Integration of Lean and Green Manufacturing to Reduce Waste in the Employee Recruitment Process in the Manufacturing Industry in Indonesia


  • Hibarkah Kurnia Universitas Pelita Bangsa
  • Indra Setiawan Politeknik ASTRA
  • Hernadewita Hernadewita Universitas Mercu Buana



Green Manufacturing, Lean Manufacturing, Paper Waste, Recruitment, VSM


Recruitment is the process of selecting a candidate to be part of the organization. The recruitment process in every manufacturing industry mostly starts from making advertisements to the skills training process. The recruitment process that occurs in the Pro Audio (PA) manufacturing industry is a long Lead Time (LT) and Process Time (PT) and the presence of paper waste reaches 191.6 kg per month. The purpose of this study is to reduce the LT of the recruitment process in the PA industry and reduce paper waste to give full attention to environmental sustainability in the manufacturing industry. The method used to overcome the impact on environmental problems caused by the industry is the Integration of Lean Manufacturing (LM) and Green Manufacturing (GM). The results showed that the LT of recruitment decreased from 17.9 days to 16.4 days or there was a decrease in the ratio of 8.37%. Waste paper (application file) can be eliminated from 191.6 kg/month to 0 kg/month. PT decreased from 76.21 hours to 74.20 hours decreased by 2.63%. The results of this study have a positive impact on the PA industry towards green manufacture because it can reduce paper waste that can pollute the environment.


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